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Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):191-247
Review Article
Management of Traumatically Injured Primary Teeth: A Review of Literature and Recent Update
Tavleen Kour, Virinder Goyal, Puneet Goyal, Shaveta, Burhan Altaf Misgar, Deeksha Sharma
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):191-200
Original Articles
Halitosis Control Effects of a Dentifrice Containing Resveratrol, Catechin, and Baicalin
Yoon-Sook Choi, Mi-Hae Yun, Ja-Won Cho
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):201-206
Educational Needs for Clinical Dental Hygienists’ Dental Hygiene Core Competencies
Moon Sil Choi
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):207-213
A Study on the Status of Radiation Safety Management Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Radiation Workers in Dental Institutions
Cheon-Hee Lee, Seung Hui Choi
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):214-222
Dental Care Service Satisfaction by the Characteristics of Users at a Dental Center for the Disabled in a Region
Hyo Jeong Park, Jae Ra Lee
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):223-228
The Subjective Musculoskeletal Symptoms of Dental Hygienists According to Their Treatment Posture
hyo jeong kim
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):229-234
Comparative Study on the Discoloration of Three Types of Heat-Curing Resin Bases
Seong-Hyuk Bang, So-Min Kim
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):235-238
Comparative Study on the Evaluation of Dental Bacterial Film Index Using Plaque Disclosing Agent and Quantitative Light Induced Fluorescence-Digital (QLF-D)
Cheon-Hee Lee, Eun-Hee Lee
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):239-243
A Study on the Effect of a 10-Degree Rotating Sonic Toothbrush on Oral Hygiene Management
Jin-Sil Kim, Chung-jae Lee
Int J Clin Prev Dent 2021;17(4):244-247
International Journal of Clinical Preventive Dentistry (IJCPD) is the official peer-reviewed, annually four times 31st on March, 30th on June, 30th on September, and 31st on December, publication of the Korean Academy of Preventive Dentistry. The Journal is circulated to all members....
The Standardization of Toothbrush Form for Korean Adult
Jong Ae Chun, Min Jeong Cho
Received September 13, 2014; Accepted December 15, 2014.
Distal Shoe, an Effective Space Maintainer for Premature Loss of Primary Mandibular Second Molar - A Case Report
Beena J.P.
Remineralizing Agents: A Comprehensive Review
Rakesh Mittal, Nikhil Relhan, Tanya Tangri
Received February 7, 2017; Accepted March 15, 2017.