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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Results of topic modeling analysis

Core keywords Topic name

Topic-1: Health insurance coverage of scaling Topic-2: Study on oral health behavior Topic-3: Study on factors related to tartar removal experience Topic-4: Study on musculoskeletal diseases of dental hygienists Topic-5: Experience in oral health education
1st keyword scaling health calculus dental hygienist experience
2nd keyword insurance behavior removal condition analysis
3rd keyword dental management factor adult education
4th keyword insurance coverage region dental disease convergence
5th keyword comparison actual condition effect worker satisfaction
6th keyword medical college student patient instrument medical
7th keyword student action difference clinical regular
8th keyword use ultrasound use behavior youth
9th keyword change patient society before and after consumer
10th keyword prevention elderly tooth musculoskeletal system laboratory
No. of articles (%) 55 (25.6) 54 (25.1) 48 (22.3) 36 (16.7) 22 (10.2)
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