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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

The surface hardness of the denture base acrylic resins

Group Vickers hardness (VHN) (mean±standard deviation) p-value

Before After
Control (Tap water) 18.51±0.19 nm 17.36±0.26 nm* <0.05
ClinicDent 18.65±0.29 nm 17.54±0.11 nm*
DENTFIX 18.67±0.22 nm 17.44±0.28 nm*
Polident 18.33±0.12 nm 16.76±0.23 nm*,#
Good Habit 18.44±0.09 nm 16.74±0.10 nm*,#

*Significant difference between surface hardness before and after treatment of denture cleansers. #Significant difference compared with control.

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