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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Recommend tooth-brushing method according to patient age or oral status

Patient state Characteristic Recommended method Site Device tooth-brush Effect
General No specific problems over age 7 RollingHorizontal scrubSweep in to out Buccal/LingualOcclusalInn.Front.Teeth Medium hardness Plaq.RemG. MassaPrev Calc
Preschool Under age 6 Fones’ (circular)Horizontal scrub Lab/BuccalOcc/Lingual Smal. size EasyHabit Ch
Perio. Problem Local.Gingivi Perio pocket M. Bass Gingival sulcus 2-lane brush Sulcus cl.Ging.Ma.
Gingivitis Wide gingivitis M. Stillmans Gingival Soft bru Ging. Ma
Hypersen. Premolar. Can Rolling Cervical abrasi. Soft des Desensit.
Bridge wearer InterdentalPontic bottom M. Charters Br.tip -45 dege.Bucc to Lingual Zig-zag B.Super fl. Prox. ClePontic. C
Fixed Orthodo. appliance Bracket siteGingival siteProximalLingual Horiz.+ChartersBassInterd. BrushRolling Labial/BuccalLabial/BuccalInterdent.areaLingual Concave head.Wat. Pik Bracket Cle
Implant. Interdental Watanabe, T.Pik Proximal 2lane Br Periimpl.
Denture wearer Partial dentureFull denture Modif. Rolling Partial dentureFull denture Part.BruFull. Bru DentureCleaner

Perio.probl: periodontal problem patient, Orthodo: orthodontics, Gingiv.: Gingivitis, Perio pocet: periodontal pocket, Horiz.: horizontal scrub, Interd. Br.: interdental brush, Inn. Front Tooth: inner site of frontal tooth, M: modification, Occ: occlusal surface, Br.tip: bristle tip, 45 dege.: 45 degrees, Interd.: interdental, Hardne.: hardness, Hypersen: hypersensitivity, Can: canine, Smal. Siz: small size, Bru: brush, Prox.B: proximal brush, Part.b: partial denture brush, Full Bru: full denture brush, Plaq. Rem: plaque removal, Prev. calc,: prevention of calculus deposit, Abrasi: Abrasion, Soft des.: soft brush, desensitization dentifrice, Desensit: desensitization effect, Habit Ch,: habit for child, Ging.Ma.: gingival massage, Prox cle: proximal cleansing, Periimpl: peri-implantitis.

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